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Wildlife Home Décor Make a Vacation Place Feel Like Home

While your home is a wildlife refuge that you return to after a long hard day, complete with all the very best in wildlife home décor, what have you done with your vacation home? Does it look anything as welcoming as your home does with its gorgeous antler chandeliers, wooden banisters and wildlife paintings? If anything your vacation home should be all these things and more. Make your vacation home into a real second home that reflects the best of your personality – just like your first home does.

What if there are too many renovations to make the place more home-like?

Your vacation house may have any number of problems, which make renovations more of a hassle than a benefit. If your home has any of the following problems, there are easy wildlife decorating solutions to make it better. Find woodsy and welcoming wildlife home décor for all of your vacation house issues here at AllThingsEquine.com.

Wooden walls that can’t be painted?

Lots of wildlife enthusiasts have rustic cabins and cottages for a vacation home. Decorating can be difficult on those varnished wooden walls. If you can’t paint a scenic wall mural at your place, you can enhance the wall with a piece of beautiful wildlife home décor. The metal wall murals from artist Shawn Cline would look amazing against log home walls.

Not enough light in my home?

You don’t want to put in more windows for a vacation home that has more use in the winter, it’ll only make it that much harder to heat. Obviously, the winter months mean that there will be that much less light as well. Rather than sit around in the dark, why not surround your home with brilliant wildlife home décor lighting. A small winter cabin will light right up with a few distinctive lamps and lights placed strategically in different rooms.

Tired of paper plates and outdoor eating?

When it comes to your summer vacations, of course you’ll be spending lots of time eating outside and going out for fine dining. You combine the two types of meals all the time at home with fine dinnerware, why not do the same at your vacation house? Pick out fine wildlife dinnerware for nice nights eating in, showing off your wildlife enthusiasm even while dining.

Every time you step inside the doors to your vacation house, it should feel like you’re coming home. You don’t need massive renovations, just simple changes with wildlife home décor can transform the feel of your vacation home. Shop the selection of wildlife home décor here at AllThingsEquine.com, including lighting, dinnerware, wall décor and other wildlife accessories.

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