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Equestrian Statues Speak

What does it mean to see equestrian statues in your dreams? There is so much meaning tied to equestrian dreams. Equestrians are quite often symbols of un-tethered energies, because of the long history of wild horses being tamed and bridled. Equestrian statues freeze a moment of beauty from those dreams to be held forever in amazingly crafted

What does it mean if you dream of wild horses?

One instance of wild untamed horses that you might see in your dreams would be like these in this Prairie Storm statue. The smoky glass storm surrounding these equestrian beauties makes it seem as though they appeared in your dreams, and that they will go galloping out of them just as fast. Unlike your fleeting dreams -- these dreamlike figures are captured forever within the equestrian statues designed by artist Kitty Cantrell.

What does a grouping of equestrian statues mean?

If in your dreams you see a grouping of horses then you may be getting indications of receiving word from far away. Horses were long used as a means of transportation for messenger services, so it should come as no surprise that if you see equestrians in your dreams that you may be taking a trip with others. You may see something like this beautiful reproduction of a family of Remington equines standing far away. These equestrian statues show a loving family, one that would be great in any home.

What’s the best kind of equestrian dream?

If you happen to dream of a horse being shod then you’re in great luck. The horseshoe being a focus of the dream makes it even lucky. If you’re really lucky all these horses in your dreams may represent a new horse or equestrian statue to come into your life. If you know someone who eats, sleeps and dreams horses then they will also love receiving an equestrian figure in their home - a constant reminder of a horse’s power and grace.

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