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Inspire a New Rider with Horse Racing Statues

Do you remember your horse’s first race? The starting sounds, the thrill of the competition and satisfaction of watching him cross the finish line are probably still so fresh in your mind. There’s nothing else like the start of a horse racing career. Your horse’s triumphs and downfalls are a part of yours; your happiness rests on those achievements. For the new racing horse owner, this will all seem so new and exciting. Many horse owners have found great reasons to give one of our horse racing statues to a new racing owner.


There are many ways you can celebrate the start of a horse’s new racing career. One of the horse racing statues here at AllThingsEquine.com will make a great gift to commemorate a horse’s first race. The right horse racing statue can inspire a new career with a winning spirit. If you’re the superstitious sort, take a chance on the Photo Finish horse racing statue. It has all the excitement of a winner and the positive energy that will bring a new racing horse straight to the winning circle.


There will be plenty of downs, as well as ups, in a horse’s racing career. You can’t predict the bad days or rough starts, prepare for a new type of racing track, or always know when your horse is going to react poorly to the climate when traveling. Give a new racer a reminder of the good days to come with one of our horse racing statues around. There will always be bad days, but that also means there will be good days as well.


When it comes to the training process, you can give a lot of guidance and advice. Let them know what sort of challenges you faced and how you overcame them. How did you prepare your horse for the trials of the homestretch? Give them a boost of faith for that very trying finish to the race in one of the Homestretch horse racing statues. Remind the new racer that having a horse finish safe and sound is just as important as winning. Once the race is over, take proper care of your horse as a thank you with a big helping of water and sugar cubes.

Support a new horse racer as he or she starts a new career. Horse racing can be frightening, but even the smallest bit of encouragement from one of our horse racing statues can encourage them. Shop the selection of the horse racing statues as a gift for a new horse racing career here at AllThingsEquine.com.

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