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How to Pair Your Bear Table Lamp

There are many reasons to light with something other than a basic lamp. You want better lighting, you want more of an atmosphere or you want to make an impression on your guests. Thereís many basic styles of lamps, but rather than just adding pretty kick knacks to your table tops, you can add a functional and attractive bear table lamp.

In the Office

Offices, whether in a corporate setting or in the den, need your personal touch. Make your office look like yours, with your favorite photos and decorations. Make sure that there is something of yours in every corner, that way you feel completely relaxed and ready to work. The ideal placement for your bear table lamp will be next to your work area. Even if you use a computer, the glow from the lamp will help concentrate and focus your work. In an all white office, pick something like the Come Here Bear Table Lamp to brighten up an otherwise dull office. The same goes for your cubicle space, or home office. Just because itís your workplace doesnít mean you have to

In the Living Room

A living room is where you relax and get to decorate a bit more casually than you do in the rest of the home. Youíll want to place your bear table lamp in a prominent corner, where people will be able to admire and enjoy it. Many of the carved lamps are perfect for your living room atmosphere, but rather than a very formal lamp, how about checking out the Ski Bear Table Lamp? This humorous little guy is holding onto a pair of skis for dear life! Itís the perfect lamp for a skiing lodge!

In the Bedroom

Bedroom table lamps are always a good idea. Place the lamp close to the bedside so that you can easily light the way to the door or be able to read in bed. With its stout base our Bear and Cubs Lamp is just the thing to sit alongside a bed. Such a cozy little image is perfect for your baby cubís bedside table.

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