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4 Gift Ideas with Horse Picture Frames

Scratching your noggin over the right gift for a friend or riding buddy? There’s nothing as difficult as trying to pick out a gift for someone who you only know so much about. As close as you get to the other people in the stables, you still may not share much more than horse talk. So what do you get that’s still personal and caring? How about a picture frame! Here’s five ways to make one of our horse picture frames an intimate gift, for even the quietest person in the stable!

Long Time “Neigh”bors

When’s the last time you made a big deal out of your stall neighbor’s big win at a show or even their birthday? The next time your neighbor mentions an upcoming celebration, don’t leave it at just a trip to the store for a card. You spend so much time near each other, grooming and feeding your horses, you want to make the special effort to show you care. A photo of the two of you in front of your stalls will look lovely in horse picture frames like our square horse picture frames.

Horse Fanatics Gift

Even the quietest riders reveal one thing about themselves to you. Quiet riders are horse fanatics too! There’s one thing you know you have in common and that’s a love of horses. Find the best horse shot to be framed in one of our horse picture frames. Our oval Flowing Mane Frame is just the right size to hold a photo of a favorite horse. This sweet and touching frame is elegant and classy, making it perfect to furnish any out of stable hang out - the office or home.

Anniversary Gift

Is someone at the stable celebrating a big anniversary? Whether it’s a horse-versarry, a wedding anniversary, or riding anniversary, you ought to recognize this momentous year. As a gift you can stage a little photo shoot of the special rider and his horse for their special riding anniversary, and then have it framed. Remember that silver anniversary coming on the 25th year - choose one of our silver horse picture frames for this very significant anniversary.

Remembering a Horse

Few things are harder than dealing with the loss of a beloved horse. While there’s nothing you can do to help a fellow horse lover get over the pain of a horse passing any faster, you can let your neighbor know that they are in your thoughts. Rather than food or a flower arrangement, choose one of our lasting horse picture frames to memorialize a photo of the horse. That way there will always be a reminder of that great horse friend.

Nothing will surprise and delight one of your fellow riders more than the positively thoughtful touch of a horse picture frame. Shop our selection of horse picture frames here at AllThingsEquine.com.

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