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Incolay Boxes for Your Awards and Ribbons

A full wall of shelves lined up with trophies, ribbons and awards is just about every horse owner’s dream. If you can, all of your awards are lined up in plain sight. Sometimes though, you want a way to store up your ribbons and medallions. Keep these smaller awards in one of our Incolay boxes to be safe and sound!


There are many people who’ll love to box up their horse awards in a respectful way, making Incolay boxes the perfect gift for numerous occasions:


People who are moving.

You hope that when a person moves they’ll be getting more space, but often they’re going to take this opportunity to make more space or start over with new decor. Any of smaller ribbons can be neatly stored in antique Incolay boxes, leaving room for new awards, rather than mounted or tacked up on a wall.


Horse competitors about to leave for college.

In a college dorm there’s little room for much more than books and instant noodles. There’s no way your child will be able to bring all of their many trophies along with them. They can however, keep all of their favorite ribbons and medallions in one of our Incolay boxes.


People who want to reduce the clutter.

Ribbons are easily one of the hardest awards to display neatly. They don’t stand on their own, so they are mounted typically. Instead, get someone one of our horse Incolay boxes to keep their growing collection of ribbons and awards.


Antique award collectors.

Horse competitions have such a rich history. If you know someone who makes it a hobby to collect antique horse memorabilia, they’ll love one of these Incolay boxes to keep their collection safe. These are the perfect things to house them in. Incolay boxes are museum worthy – making the ideal container to hold any antiques from old horse racing and riding days. 


Find the ideal gift for that person who has more awards and ribbons than they know what to do with. One of our Incolay boxes are just the thing to store delicate ribbons in, so they’re preserved from aging. Choose from a variety of stones and artwork from the Incolay boxes here at AllThingsEquine.com.

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