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Gifts for the Woman with Everything: INCOLAY Boxes to Hold Keepsakes

All women have their “good jewelry.” Those pieces that hold high sentimental or monetary value mean something more - especially pieces that were passed down from mothers and even grandmothers. There’s something about antique jewelry that invokes reverence and reflection. Each of our INCOLAY boxes are decorated with precious INCOLAY produced with only the best minerals and stones. Across the cover of every exquisite box, artists recreate amazing cameo art styles in INCOLAY stone. Our INCOLAY boxes come in various stones, blue, dusty rose, lilac rose, navy, onyx, rose quartz and sardonyx.


Works of Art

Such beauty was previously only seen in museums. Yet these boxes aren’t antiques. These new keepsake INCOLAY boxes with an intricate antique look are ideal for storing beautiful jewelry in. Our INCOLAY boxes have finely crafted wildlife scenes, with the same care and skill that you would see at any museum. Just imagine the passion and thought put behind an Equestrian INCOLAY box. The artists that craft these boxes not only capture amazing detail, but also the vibrant personalities of their subjects. Every horse scene, from the most tender to the most exhilarating is carved out in INCOLAY, making our Equestrian INCOLAY boxes the perfect gift for any horse lover.


Keep Safe to Your Heart

Do you want a safe place to store the most precious pieces of jewelry? Many women store their favorite fine jewelry and keepsakes in our keepsake INCOLAY boxes, calling it their favorite jewelry box. The most precious pieces are kept safe in this handcrafted INCOLAY box, preserved to pass down to later generations. This box has the potential to be more than just another jewelry box. It is also the perfect place for lasting mementos to share with children and grandchildren. Just like grandmothers would pull out their favorite jewelry from a fine keepsake box, the modern woman can keep her jewelry in a special place. The keepsake INCOLAY box is as precious as the jewelry within.


Our handcrafted boxes are works of art and the perfect gift for the woman who seems to have it all. When you can’t think of what else to get her, pick an INCOLAY box for her to store all her most precious jewelry pieces. Find the perfect keepsake box here at AllThingsEquine.com from our collection of INCOLAY boxes.

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