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Setting The Mood With A Deer Antler Chandelier

Long ago, chandeliers were hung primarily in the foyers of wealthy families. In today’s day and age these magnificent lighting fixtures can be found hanging in any number of rooms, and can be found in small homes to gigantic mansions. In fact, at All Things Equine, we have a deer antler chandelier that would be the perfect fixture for a log cabin or a home in the country.

These beautiful chandeliers will brighten the décor of any room, while bringing the outdoors in. Here are a few of the chandeliers you’ll find in our vast lighting collection.

  • Made from the antlers of a whitetail deer, our large whitetail chandeliers are availing in a four or eight light option. In addition to its eight lights, our large whitetail deer chandelier also has downlights. Just imagine walking into a room illuminated by a magnificent whitetail deer antler chandelier.
  • Our Elk antler chandeliers combine several elk antlers to form bright stunning light fixtures. These elk chandeliers are available with nine or 12 lights.
  • Choose from four different sized mule deer chandeliers. Each of these chandeliers was crafted from large mule deer antler racks.
  • People marvel over the beauty of our massive moose antler chandeliers. Choose from five different sized moose antler chandeliers, some of which feature eight lights, downlights and various eagle carvings.
  • Embrace the beauty of the mule deer and the elk when you hang a combination mule deer and elk deer antler chandelier in your home.

There are many ways to use and places to hang these chandeliers in your home. Here are some tips and ideas to help you get the most out of your chandelier.

  • Large chandeliers are balanced when they’re hung in rooms that have high ceilings.
  • If you’re hanging the chandelier in a two-storied foyer, make sure it can be seen from outside your home.
  • When hanging the chandelier over a table, it should complement the table, not overpower it.
  • Install a dimmer switch on your deer antler chandelier, so you can easily alter the lighting and create a new atmosphere in a room.

At All Things Equine, our mission is to provide each customer with outstanding customer service, and a fantastic shopping experience. In addition to our chandeliers we offer a wide variety of lighting options including lamps and sconces. To learn more about lighting your home with a deer antler chandelier visit AllThingsEquine.com.

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