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Antler Carvings Make Unforgettable Holiday Gifts

Be unforgettable this holiday season and give your friends and family presents they’ll cherish forever! Antler carvings from All Things Equine are the perfect gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Every year, in the late spring or early winter, animals shed and replace old antlers with new ones. The gorgeous antlers are used to make beautiful antler carvings.

At All Things Equine, our hand carved works of art are created using horns that are naturally dropped from moose, elk, mule deer, whitetail deer and big horn sheep. Each of these antler carvings is carving is unique, and will surely become the centerpiece of any room. Here are just a few of the antler carvings you’ll find at AllThingsEquine.com.

  • A beautiful eagle spreading its massive wings intricately carved atop an antler from a big horn sheep is a magnificent accent for a table in an entry way or foyer.
  • We have a carving of a strong bison is carved on top of an antler base. He is depicted as walking along the countryside and stopping along the way to graze on grass and twigs.
  • One of our smaller sized antler carvings is of an elk walking through the forest with his head held high with pride. It’s no wonder he is full of pride, an elks antlers can weigh almost 40 pounds! They use their massive antlers to intimidate other male elk by rubbing them against the ground.
  • Another carving features a salmon jumping upwards. He is sitting on a 12-inch long antler.
  • As summer nears, caribou migrate north to the tundra. That may be where the caribou in these small sized antler carvings is traveling. Male and some female caribou have a generous set of antlers. The male caribou shed their antlers every spring, while females lose their antlers when they give birth.
  • We have carvings of animals done inside a full set of antlers, such as the walking bear craving. This magnificent bear is carved in a forest scene. You can see how powerful he is simply by looking at his detailed legs and paws.
  • Some of our antler carvings include carvings of a few different animals. For example, the wild Alaska antler carving includes wolves, an eagle, deer and an elk.

When you give one of these beautiful antler carvings as a holiday present it will be cherished for years to come. You can learn more about our antler carvings at AllThingsEquine.com.

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