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Stephen Herrero: Inspirational and Beautiful Sculptures

As the founding artist of Mill Creek Studios, Stephen Herrero has made quite the impression in the wildlife art world. Not only has he changed the way that people enjoy sculpture, but he has also inspired other artists, like David Morales, to pursue their passion for creating and their appreciation of the natural world. Herrero’s work is renowned by critics and respected for its moving depictions of Indians, cowboys, cowgirls, and wildlife in a fashion that starts conversations and inspires respect for such spirited images. In addition, his style is unique and completely contemporary, which makes him a standout amongst other wildlife artists.

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The Perfect Balance

At AllThingsEquine.com, we carry one of the net’s best selections of Stephen Herrero art, including sculptures composed of a unique blend of dine resins and pure alabaster and porcelain powders. Wolves, wild horses, eagles, and cowboys are just a few of the subjects you’ll find depicted in these gorgeous art pieces. These delicate works of art may be fragile and detailed, but they embody such a powerful and strong spirit that makes them impossible to ignore. No matter where you choose to enjoy or display them, Stephen Herrero sculptures will leave you feeling inspired.

A Spirited Tribute to Nature

Art collectors and nature lovers both agree: the sculptures by Stephen Herrero at AllThingsEquine.com make timeless additions to any space. If you’re looking to breathe new life into your office, give a gift to a dear friend, or add something special to a favorite room in your home, then Stephen Herrero’s work is sure to be the perfect fit.

The Special Addition to Your Collection

Shop the selection of Stephen Herrero sculptures today at AllThingsEquine.com and truly enjoy a piece of art that’s so much more than something to look at. Each and every piece from Stephen Herrero’s collection has a life and a spirit of its own.

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