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Bring the Nature of the Wild Home in a Mill Creek Sculpture

The beauty of the wild is simply impossible to capture. You can visit it or live near it, but you can’t take it home with you. You can take a picture or a video, try to remember the way the sun set in hues of gold and red and how majestic the birds soaring overhead were. There are so many mysterious and powerful secrets hidden in the wild that you will never get the chance to see, animals living in faraway mountains or lands you’ll never visit. You can find the extraordinary nature of these exotic and wild animals artfully bound in every Mill Creek Sculpture.


Many animals only freely roam the wild on continents you have yet to visit. Animals like the mighty tigers and leopards, which are most often seen on the vast African plains in tall safari grasses, are depicted in a Mill Creek Sculpture in its natural lifelike state. The grand cat of the jungle, the lion comes to life in the Leap of Faith sculpture by Joe Slockbower. Just like so many of Joe Slockbower’s Mill Creek Sculptures, the Leap of Faith sculpture freezes a moment in time, the perfect view of the wild animal in sculpture forever.


The beautiful white tiger is a creature few see outside of a zoo. While you can only imagine what the imposing cat looks like pouncing through jungles - you can bring the wonder of the white tiger to your home in this rendition of the most popular of the white tigers – Mohan. In a white tiger Mill Creek Sculpture by artist Randall Reading the first captive white tiger, Mohan, is seen relaxed and free on a rock outcropping. Mohan was orphaned and found in India, her daughter was one of the first white tigers to be seen in the United States. You can bring Mohan to your home in the stunning lifelike Mill Creek Sculpture of the remarkable tiger.


No other artists will show the grace and beauty of the wildlife animals like the artists for Mill Creek Sculpture. Find the animal that speaks and calls to the wild within your soul from the collection of Mill Creek Sculptures here at AllThingsEquine.com.

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