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Moose Antler Carvings: The More Exotic Choice for Your Home

So many people judge hunting and the gorgeous works of art that come from it. They canít possibly understand how amazing a rack of moose antlers looks in the home. Sometimes you want something more than the basic set of antlers. Especially when you only hunt deer or elk, youíll want to find something different, more exotic. A set of moose antler carvings is the wildlife decor that your home needs. Itís not all about the size of the rack, even though they are impressive. A moose antler carving is also a work of art.

Pick Art Over Size

One of the most impressive things about a set of antlers is the sheer size of them, but thatís something that any home can have. While any antler carving is on an impressively sized rack, thereís much more to them than any wall mounted pair. The skill and care put into the moose antler carvings here at AllThingsEquine.com make them realistic works of art. One of the moose antler carvings that come to life in your home is the family moose antler carving, which shows a small moose family gathered in a forest.

Animals in Art

Itís so amazing when an artist transforms one of the moose antler carvings into another animal completely. In one of the fine crafted moose antler carvings available at AllThingsEquine.com, there is a bear roaming the land, foraging for the long winter to come. This Moose Beat Antler Carving would make a lovely addition to your mantle or fireplace during the long winter months.

Monstrous Impressions

Anyone can have a set of tiny 2 point deer antlers in their entryway. A real opening presentation to your lodge or rustic home is the moose antler carvings from AllThingsEquine.com. One such moose antler carving is the Watchful Eyes with Moose Antler Carving with the awe inspiring eagle soaring high above a patience moose.

Moose antler carvings are a unique addition to any home Ė completely inviting and a real conversation piece. Unlike a typical mounted antler set, these antlers from AllThingsEquine.com will add to the exotic look of your home, making it more than a lodge feeling.

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