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Kitty Cantrell Sculptures: Truly Wild

For Kitty Cantrell, art doesn’t just come on canvas – it comes in mixed media. As one of the world’s most respected wildlife artists, Kitty Cantrell crafts each and every one of her pieces in a variety of materials to capture the stillness and spirit found only in nature – in a way that only an artist of her skill can. Many of the pieces from this award-winning artist and environmentalist focus solely on the most majestic creatures of North America.

The Work of a Master

As an artist, Cantrell has always had a lifelong fascination with the wild. In each of her sculptures, that interest and fascination is beautifully reflected, as every piece has a special spirit about it that seems to bring the vision she portrays to life. With a Kitty Cantrell piece, you’re not just getting a work of art – you’re getting something that’s full of life and truly wild.

The Collection You Must Own

At AllThingsEquine.com, we’re proud to carry a great selection of Kitty Cantrell work, including sculptures of wolves, eagles, bears, stags, humpback whales, and horses so that you can always find that perfect piece to capture your own sense of spirit and appreciation for nature.

Available in a wide variety of types, sizes, and styles, these sculptures are so much more than just pieces of home décor. They’re part of a collection that’s simply a must-own in your home.

The Spirit of Nature

But besides adding beauty to your favorite space, a Kitty Cantrell piece offers so much more. With any of these wildlife sculptures, you get a true celebration of what is wild and free in this world and how it must be preserved. You will feel inspired and moved by these striking depictions of North American wildlife. You will feel empowered to protect these animals and give them the respect that they deserve. You’ll see nature as it should be: wild.

Get your Kitty Cantrell piece today from AllThingsEquine.com and be moved.

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